The kids have actually been sitting through entire chapter books recently. We’ve tried some in the past, but I’m not sure if the timing was too early or the topics were too…blah. I know our recent picks have been much more enjoyable for me to read, so it’s easier for me to make time for read alouds.

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”
― C.S. Lewis

Over the past couple of months, with a chapter or two a day (and more the day we discovered Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was waaaayy overdue at the library and we had to finish!) the kids and I have read Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Enormous Crocodile, James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Since I interviewed Stephen for the shark post, the kids really wanted to be interviewed again. So, here is a snippet from what turned into a very long interview/conversation. Turns out my kids love sharing their opinions and being listened to. Especially if I’m writing it down. Hmm, who knew?

Me: What Roald Dahl book was your favorite? Why?

Stephen: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Because Willy Wonka is silly.

Eliana: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, too. I liked when Charlie winned and everybody else did something wrong.

Me: Did you have a favorite character in James and the Peach?

Stephen: Yeah! Uhh…what’s a character?

Me: The people or animals that were in the book.

Stephen: Spider because I like spiders!

Eliana: Spider and Ladybug because I like girls!

They are so enthusiastic and I love it. Eliana at 5 seems more than ready for chapter books, but I wasn’t sure about Stephen being just 4 and well, a boy. He’s done great. Occasionally he’s a little more wiggly, but if we take a break to move around, or read at the table while they eat, it’s fine. He even did a mini-project on James and the Giant Peach.

We’re stepping away from Roald Dahl and now we’re on to Charlotte’s Web, which so far is another hit. Spiders, and particularly girl spiders, are obviously popular around here, so I hope everyone can keep it together at the end…

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