Stephen had expressed wanting to make a shark pillow and I expressed a (silent) how in the world? I cannot sew and have no sewing supplies to speak of. But then paper and staples! Ta da!
I had already bought these Fabric Scissors in an attempt to…um…sew? I guess? Even though I was sure it wasn’t going to happen.

But kids, well, they never cease to amaze me.

They were sooo excited to use them and I had told them we could use some old clothes. You know, the ones that were hand me downs from someone else’s hand me downs and really had no life left. It all felt very green, all the upcycling and what not.

These scissors are sharp! And the kids took some time learning how to cut clothing with them. This was one of those project times that just happened spur of the moment. The inspiration took over and the big kids did not care that baby sister was not napping (when I like to have project time so that I can have both hands free). Oh no, so I juggled keeping the very curious and busy one year old occupied while holding fabric and trying to avoid getting cut myself. It wasn’t working too well. I decided to let them work independently so I could close their door and keep Juliette a safe distance from the shears.
I worried they might hurt themselves (although they had mastered quite a bit before I left them to their own devices), but then I remembered this Ted Talk by Gever Tulley that I saw a while back (see below, it’s a good one!), and I felt better. I mean, I checked on them every so often, but I also convinced myself I was letting some real learning take place! Turns out I was right. All fingers were spared, too.

2 thoughts on “Impromptu project time and a shark update

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Lori! He loved the idea and ran with it. The enormous roll of butcher paper I bought a few months ago was one of my best homeschooling purchases yet!

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