I was in my bathroom marveling at the fact that I had just showered, washed my hair and shaved both my legs uninterrupted. I was looking in the mirror pondering the injustices of the world like why do wrinkles and pimples have to appear simultaneously? when I heard my husband and the two big kids quietly go into the laundry room so as not to wake up the baby. They were checking out the map we have hanging on the wall across from the washing machine. I was intrigued, and peaked in. The wrinkles were getting bigger the longer I stared anyway.
worldmap Julio was showing the kids where Guam was. Apparently they were in the middle of quite the scrabble game,  which led to wondering about this unknown word for them. The nerd in me wanted to tell them you don’t use proper nouns in Scrabble!!! but I held my tongue. They were excited to show me their scrabble board which included Aztec (it was killing me!) but when my 4 year old son said “Aztec are a group of people in Mexico” I realized who cares about the stupid proper noun rule!
scrabbleThey were speaking tons of Spanish with their daddy, spelling, reading, and learning new words and definitions.  They were adding, counting, multiplying and comparing numbers both in English and Spanish.  I love that weekends can be led by daddy and that daddy adds Spanish to their learning as well. I also love uninterrupted showers.

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