Round 2 of our crazy days always begins as soon as baby girl wakes up from her nap.  Today that was about 2:30.  She was extra fussy with a runny nose and teeth coming in, on top of the general suffering of being a 15 month old.  Stephen was taking a much needed nap and that left the girls and me.  Every day I become more and more aware of how big (/ little) my almost 5 1/2 year old is.  Eliana is hungry for knowledge, and days when the baby is so demanding I question if I am holding Eliana back.  I try to remember not to look at just one moment, but an entire day, or better yet, an entire week, to see what exactly is getting accomplished and how many learning opportunities each of my children have.

Nonetheless, Eliana seemed a little antsy this afternoon, so I asked her about her current City Project and if she had any new plans.  I asked if there was anything she was really, really interested in. Her response immediately was I am the most interested in art, Mommy.  I want to paint buildings and learn more about art.  I asked if she wanted to learn more about artists and she told me about Eric Carle and how he makes his art.  Maybe I could paint and cut pictures out like he does!  

Our conversation turned into watching YouTube videos about making buildings with toothpicks, perusing Google Images to look at artists that draw buildings and then looking at Picasso paintings, which perplexed Eliana.  She was interested in how someone so famous didn’t make eyes where they belong.  We talked about abstract art and what being famous means.  This was all in between taking Juliette off all of the chairs and tables in the house that she repeatedly climbs onto.

Inspired, Eliana immediately got to work with toothpicks and glue.  I was going crazy with the fussy toddler and Stephen woke up shortly after, so Eliana took a break and we all headed to the library before it closed.  Eliana said she wanted to find art books, but got caught up in the Mo Williams Piggy and Gerald books and checked out four.  I found a promising book for her about art and architecture for kids and a book about Monet.  Stephen found a nonfiction book titled Oceans that had plenty of pictures of sharks to keep him happy.  Juliette got a book about her current obsession, birds.  It’s also one of her only words and signs.  Birdie!  Birdie!  She chirps as she opens and closes her hand at her mouth.

With our new books we walked a block to the park to enjoy the beautiful day.  Juliette is always looking up for birdies and airplanes (another of her few signs) and noticed the moon.  Stephen told her it was a half moon.

The kids read in the sun,

Yes that is a shark book, in front of a shark shirt, under a shark tattoo on his neck.

Yes that is a shark book, in front of a shark shirt, under a shark tattoo on his neck.

ran around with the soccer ball,
and of course climbed.
I ran after Juliette.
She's been practicing blowing her own runny nose.

She’s been practicing blowing her own runny nose.

Eliana was admiring her toes and asked what would happen if we didn’t have toes.  So, we talked about the importance of our toes for awhile.  From art to moon phases to toes, all in one afternoon. By this time the kids could have stayed out for another hour, but I needed to get started on round 3- dinner time, so we headed home.

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