Last week I learned that a goblin shark was caught in the Gulf of Mexico. I initially found this out through Facebook, embarrassingly my primary source for news. I briefly thought Oh, Stephen would like to see this, but then kept scrolling and got interrupted by a million other things and forgot about it. Later that evening, after my husband got home, I found him and the kids watching the goblin shark on a news clip on his phone. Stephen can never get enough of sharks and no one can ever get enough of the tiny screen, so they continued to watch videos where Julio and the kids discovered other weird and rare sharks, including the megamouth shark. Here is one of the videos they watched on the Discovery Channel. These sharks are crazy weird! Then, just days after the goblin shark made headlines, a megamouth shark did too when one was found off the coast of Japan. Two sharks in one week. What luck for an unschooled 4-year-old boy crazy about sharks!

Stephen has learned about a lot of different kinds of sharks over the past year or so, but never knew about the goblin or megamouth shark. He’s “read” his shark books too many times to count, but never seemed to remember the pages about these particular sharks. This week he has rediscovered one of his shark books and has learned all about indexes, how to spell goblin and megamouth, and how to find the corresponding page numbers. And I found further proof that Facebook is not completely useless. See, I knew it!


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