Unschooling can be a math workbook before bedtime, because that’s what the 5 year old’s last pick of the day is.

She tucked the workbook next to her bed, with a pen, with the promise to herself that she would do it in the morning before everyone else woke up. During our “thank you for’s…” before kisses goodnights, she was most thankful for her math. I told her that was great, Can I put it on our blog?

Yes, Mommy, but that was school! Not UNschool!!

She’s been learning more about our educational path, and tonight she learned a little bit more. Such as, with unschooling she can in fact do school-type things, but she can decide what she wants to learn. Isn’t that cool?

Yeah, Mommy. I want to make a machine that makes workbooks and one that makes puppets and one that makes dresses for dolls and one that…

Good night, Eliana.

I’m having fun on our unschooling journey with this little one, that’s for sure.

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