Eliana, our oldest, is now of kindergarten age. In the fall she won’t be heading to the neighborhood elementary school, but instead will continue doing exactly what she’s been doing here at home. The only difference may be that I get caught up in all the hoopla and take a first day of kindergarten picture to share on Facebook, you know, to make it official, but that will be it. Either way, I don’t envision our days changing much at all.

Today she was my first kid out of bed and declared she was ready to start working on her watercolor cards. Last night she had gone to Safeway with me and saw some beautiful Papyrus greeting cards in the checkout line. They were fairies and butterflies, so she of course was drawn to them. I told her she could make her own and was able to hold her off an entire 12 hours. She got to work and continued for the next hour or so.

She made the card for her cousins, Isa and Dani who she hopes to see soon!

She made the card for her cousins, Isa and Dani who she hopes to see soon!

She then finished her morning checklist which includes things like make bed, take vitamin, get dressed and the oh-so dreaded brush your hair. (The first picture clearly happened before all this!) Thursdays are ballet day, so getting dressed this morning was fuss-free. Putting on a tutu is clearly more fun than putting on the clothes she wears most days. Today was the last day of the season and there was a little party after class. Eliana has spent the last few days spending hours upon hours making Perler Beaddesigns for all of her ballet friends. There is nothing more this girl likes to do than to make gifts for people. On the way to class she had me stop by the store to pick up flowers for her teacher. She can be so sweet.
Saying goodbye even though she starts a new class with her beloved teacher next month!  No more tutus though- she's too old now :(

Saying goodbye even though she starts a new class with her beloved teacher next month! No more tutus though- she’s too old now :(

The two little kids have a babysitter for a few hours on Thursdays, so Eliana and I had another hour to spend together. She used to have an art class, but that ended a couple weeks ago, so we’ve been having lunch dates. I’ve asked her if she wanted to work on anything during lunch since there would be no sibling interruptions. The last couple times she has chosen to do math. Ok then. We have been doing The Life of Fred at a very leisurely pace and love it. She laughs out loud during the stories and I am liking the entire content more and more as we continue. Today she completed three chapters during lunch and I am amazed at how much she is learning and all of the concepts she already has a grasp on.
When we got home she got to watch TV with her brother- a shark documentary- his pick of course, and then had a snack with her siblings.
By then I was busy with Juliette and other things when I saw Eliana had found the yarn and asked me how many pieces she needed to braid with. She cut them all the same size and started practicing her braiding.
The rest of the day was spent playing and fighting with Stephen and Juliette, running errands with me, practicing headstands in the hallway, cartwheels in the living room (and other assorted things of that nature) and reading before bed. With days like this I’m excited for Our UnSchoolhouse kindergarten!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know I’ve been enjoying following your blog! My daughter is only 11 months, and I’m not sure if we’ll homeschool yet, but I’m certainly enjoying seeing how it works for you as you start with your kids. Thanks!

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