Go check out this comic strip in honor of Amy Poeler’s birthday today. What a great reminder to go DO something, anything, just DO it. Succeed…fail…who cares!

Yesterday I started a list of what I’m learning about learning, and therefore what I want my kids to learn, by living out this homeschooling lifestyle. The comic linked above demonstrates a huge benefit of homeschooling, and one of our top lessons in learning- permission to fail. When I was in school (many moons ago) I rarely tried anything new because I didn’t think I could afford to fail. I had a goal of a 4.0 upon graduation and I wasn’t willing to take a risk on that just to learn something new. Of course homeschooling is not the only answer to cure this, but it is allowing us the time and flexibility to try lots of new things (and sometimes fail at them) in order to figure out our passions and talents.

My list of what I’ve been learning is incomplete, and in the spirit of what it’s about I’m not even going to worry about completing it before I publish. Ha! I started it yesterday and saw the comic this morning, so I didn’t want it to just be put on my ever growing list of unpublished blog post ideas. Here it is…

– Take baby steps. They work.
– Celebrate completing your baby steps. It’s fun and gives you motivation to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
– Just start doing it (whatever it is you want to start learning or doing). You can read about it forever, but if you don’t practice it your knowledge will never be more than skin deep.
– Learning can and should be fun.
– The process is always more important than the product.
– Permission to fail is a must.

This list is simplified and a lot of plain common sense. I’ve known this for a long time, but I’ve recently started to internalize it, live it and practice it so that my kids can do the same. It’s a work in progress. Obviously.

Have you failed at anything recently? Try it soon, you never know what you may learn from it.

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