I’ve felt a little stressed out lately. The days are just soooo long, Julio’s been working a ton and the kids, well, they’re just kids. Awesome one minute, monsters the next. So, instead of trying to finish one of my many partially finished posts, I just wanted to highlight (for myself) some of the good stuff that happened this week.

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.” – Author Unknown

Eliana continues to love her dance classes. This week we got to go inside and observe and Juliette couldn’t have been happier. Juliette’s new words are “tu tu”, which she insists on wearing daily, and “tap tap”, which refers mostly to Eliana’s old tap shoes, but also her jazz and ballet shoes. Juliette often asks for Eliana’s tap dance song to dance to, and the girls are often found dancing in the hallway together. It really is the cutest thing ever.
Stephen doesn’t watch Eliana dance, but rather soaks up his opportunity to have the iPad all to himself. He plays a lot of Clumsy Ninja during her classes, but every once and awhile I peak over and he’s working on an anatomy or math app.

At home this week Stephen was busy finishing his new stuffed animal which he has named Fluffy. I am a super proud mama. He did over 90% of this himself with me assisting as needed.

Stephen also read out loud to me the entire Ten Apples Up On Top book this week. Another proud mama moment. I also overheard him count to 200 perfectly while playing with the abacus. Well, after he got to 199 his was stumped and said “I counted to 100 twice!” When I told him he actually got to 200, he couldn’t believe it and wanted to do it again. I stopped listening- I’m happy for him, but I have things to do. Ha!

We continue to make it to the library every Tuesday, and this week we even went to story time. Juliette stayed around for the songs and dances and then escaped with another toddler friend during the books. Stephen scowled during every song and refused to participate, but listened intently to the books and Eliana loved all of it.
For our one morning of outside time this week we only made it as far as our backyard, but that worked. It’s better to get to a park where I don’t have the lure/guilt of going inside to do more laundry or work on the pile of dirty dishes, but Juliette needed an early nap, and this was the best we could do. Any time outside is better than none.

During project times this week, while Stephen was busy finishing Fluffy, Eliana decided she would put her sorting skills to use by organizing the pantry. “Mommy, this shelf is for the hard stuff that gets soft.” (I found out later this was pasta and rice). I occasionally have to ask her where something is now and she loves it. “I’m in charge of the pantry!” I am all for this kind of project. She says next she wants to organize the entire kitchen. Yes, please.
To break up the days and get rid of some energy we will take a walk around the block. With Juliette now walking instead of being in the stroller, this can take even longer than before, if that’s even possible. They like to collect treasures…acorns, leaves, sticks. This week they brought the leaves in to make art. Great idea! Then they spilled and stepped over them all, squishing them into the carpet that had just been vacuumed right before our walk. Wait, I’m focusing on the good, never mind!
Stephen coined this tree the star branch tree on one of our walks. On stressful days looking up seems to always help.

Another weekly ritual that wasn’t planned, but I can’t see going away anytime soon is Friday afternoon ice cream. Kids happy hour. This week Eliana paid for her own and the cashier was happy to oblige, taking time to reiterate how much change she would get and just being extra friendly about it. I miss the happy hours of my college days, but I can’t complain too much with the company of these three silly kids.

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