The following post is written by my lovely 5 year old daughter, Eliana. She worked so hard on the entire project. Enjoy!

These are my fairies from Tinker Bell.



This is my favorite dress.
I made the dress out of paper and tape and ribbon.
One of the dresses ripped when I made her sit down.
My favorite thing was taking the pictures.
My least favorite thing was making them stand up and sit.

Eliana has really been having a great start to her kindergarten homeschool year. I’m so proud of her. Something as simple as playing with fairy figurines turned into the art and creativity of making dresses, nature exploration, photography, report writing and typing skills. I continue to be amazed at how child led learning really works. Sometimes this whole unschooling thing feels too messy and tangential for my comfort, but when I look back at everything accomplished and tie the pieces together I know it’s the right decision for us. I know it’s working.

4 thoughts on “Fairy Houses

  1. Nana! Congratulations on such a beautiful project! I can imagine being there with you while you took pictures, made clothing for your dolls and tied everything together for a very interesting read. I am very proud of you for being so intelligent, so artistic, and such a wonderful daughter. Love you very much!

  2. Eliana, I love the dresses you made. The fairies are beautiful. congratulations on your first post.
    Love Great Aunt Peggy

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