“Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” -Jim Henson

I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot recently, most specifically in regard to our homeschooling journey. My worry about whether or not I can handle being a homeschooling mama ebbs and flows, even though my decision to homeschool never wavers. I need to always be working on myself, on who I am as an example to them. The rest will follow. ‘Do what I say and not what I do’ never really works, does it?

I am a mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter. I am a listener, an encourager, a kisser-of-boo boos, a hand to hold. I’m a yeller, emotional, messy, and selfish at times. I’m a lot of things.

Eliana did our hair!

Eliana did our hair! (And I took the blurry picture.)

Will my kids remember that I’m a yeller or a hugger? As someone who cries a lot or laughs a lot? As a mom that stops to listen or never stops telling them what to do? As someone they see as a safe haven, or a mess to avoid?

I try to teach them how to clean up after themselves, to be respectful, kind, considerate, patient. To be problem solvers, life long learners, thinkers, doers, makers. Am I?

Being a homeschooling mama is so much more than academics. It’s not just the three R’s. Reading, writing, math…that’s the easy stuff. It’s about being their example, the same as for all parents, just without the school day break. Being their example, that’s the tough stuff.

And so, the journey of who I am continues.

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