I’ve recently been on this I love unschooling craze. It’s like we’ve found our flow, at least temporarily, and I want to enjoy it.

I listen to the kids talking to each other, explaining how ten million has 7 zeros in it, how Stephen’s new fish doesn’t really sleep but it looks like it does, how to get the lego figure to stand up without falling over, and I think they really are learning…a lot.
My kids watch a fair amount of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Time spent playing games on the iPad ensures I get time to put Juliette down for her nap, or take a shower. Maybe even text a girlfriend or get on Instagram. I’d like to add, in proud homeschool mama fashion, that the shows and games are all educational, science and math based, yadayada. But, it’s My Little Pony more than Wild Kratts these days, and the Box Trolls game more than Khan Academy. You know what? I’m learning that that is okay. Seriously.

A couple weeks ago, with the help of Grandpa, the kids made their own Box Trolls costumes. (And the help of Amazon Prime, for all those boxes!) Yesterday, Eliana stopped mid-way through watching Frozen to go to the other room to draw all the characters. Even Hans! Stephen followed shortly after and started drawing Monsters Inc. characters. Today, they drew images from the games they play on their iPad. Then they excitedly exclaimed they could make their own game! Ideas kept flowing and they were off…sketching, collaborating, making decisions… and I couldn’t help but smile and tell myself this whole unschooling thing is pretty awesome.
The word Trust is used a lot in unschooling literature.

Trust children. Nothing could be more simple, or more difficult. -John Holt

I am learning. Sometimes it’s hard to trust that our decision to unschool is the right one. I mean, with those other kindergarteners at the library doing all those math worksheets while my kindergartener looks at art books… Yikes! Is my daughter missing out? No, I don’t think she is. I am learning to trust my kids. And to trust that the things my kids are interested in are going to teach them exactly what they need to know.
I know there will be moments…days…weeks…that my trust in this whole process will be tested. But, for now, I’m going to enjoy the positive feelings. And try to remember them when the doubt creeps back in.

5 thoughts on “Learning to Trust

  1. Sounds great! I’m feeling good about Unschooling right now too. I’ve had difficult times with it lately, but I think I’m back in that sweet spot. Long may it last for both of us!

  2. Hi. I just came across your blog. I’m an unschooling mom with kids a little older than yours and I would agree that trusting the kids (while providing lots of support for their needs and interests) is both one of the more challenging and the more rewarding aspects of this lifestyle. I’d take art books over math worksheets any day! Cheers.

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