I just recently got used to the fact that we are a homeschooling family. It seems so weird, so off the beaten path and nothing that I thought of when I envisioned having a family many years ago. But, a few years ago, my husband came home with a book he had been given. It was short enough, and I knew of the man who wrote the introduction, so I was intrigued. I honestly don’t remember if I was pre-pregnancy, pregnant or my first was born. My second already could have been here. Stephen was born just 15 months after Eliana. So, it’s all a blur…but I digress. I picked up Unschooling Rules by Clark Aldrich and read it in one sitting (yeah, maybe those kids weren’t born if I had that much time!). A spark was ignited. I went on to read lots of books and blogs on homeschooling, unschooling, education and the like. I kept avoiding sending the kids to daycare, preschool, and currently pre-k.

It didn’t feel right to me.

It seemed unnecessary.

We were all doing great at home.

But I was not about to utter the phrase “we’re homeschooling” out loud to anyone. I might have researched the heck out of it, and we were living it on a daily basis, but I was too afraid to commit. I love being with my kids and feel lucky that I can now stay home with them. But, All.The.Time?? Yikes. I keep reading, though, and the more I read that spark just keeps growing, and seeing my kids thriving has really ignited the fire.

I’m jumping in.

We’re doing it.

This month we chose not to register our oldest for kindergarten, so it’s for real. I gotta start admitting it… “We are going to homeschool”.

This blog is my attempt to keep my head on straight. For the most part, I’m starting it for myself. Some days it feels like all I do is laundry, dishes, butt wiping and breaking up fights. These kids are exhausting, beautiful, messy, creative and constantly eating, or complaining they don’t want to eat. We spend all day together and while it is often a whole lot of wonderful, it’s also often a whole lot of mundane. I want to be able to look back and see, really see, what we did. What we got accomplished between the butt wiping and the cleaning up. To have a place to record some of the learning and growing that I know goes on here, but it is often muddled under the loads of laundry. And if visitors here find some inspiration, or validation that their lives are less crazy than at least ours, then that’s cool too.

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  1. I’ll be following your blog with interest! We started homeschooling in November of last year when our Kindergarten experience went fantastically awry. It’s nice to hear other people’s stories!

    • Thanks Sharolyn! I too, love hearing about other’s homeschooling experiences. I just checked out your blog- it’s fantastic. Sorry to hear about your kindergarten experience. I hope homeschooling continues to work well for you :)

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