Learning to Trust


I’ve recently been on this I love unschooling craze. It’s like we’ve found our flow, at least temporarily, and I want to enjoy it. I listen to the kids talking to each other, explaining how ten million has 7 zeros in it, how Stephen’s new fish doesn’t really sleep but it looks like it does, […]

Lavender Play Dough and Learning How to Calm Down


By yesterday afternoon our typical Wednesday was quickly becoming a disaster. Perhaps everyone was more tired than usual. We had had a few very busy days the week before, and then the kids stayed up too late watching the final episodes of The Voice on Monday and Tuesday. (Totally upset by the results. Good thing […]

Who I Am

Eliana did our hair!

“Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” -Jim Henson I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot recently, most specifically in regard to our homeschooling journey. My worry about whether or not I can handle being a homeschooling mama ebbs and flows, even though my decision to homeschool […]

What I’m learning about learning


Go check out this comic strip in honor of Amy Poeler’s birthday today. What a great reminder to go DO something, anything, just DO it. Succeed…fail…who cares! Yesterday I started a list of what I’m learning about learning, and therefore what I want my kids to learn, by living out this homeschooling lifestyle. The comic […]